Thursday, January 23, 2020

Saint Augustine Essay -- Biography

Many consider Saint Augustine of Hippo a main figure in the development of orthodox Christian doctrine during the early Christian Church. Augustine was born in Northern Africa in AD 354. His father was a pagan and his mother a Christian. Though his parents were not extremely well to do, they had enough money to allow Augustine to obtain an education in the liberal arts. This education will eventually affect how he sees Christianity, especially concerning the use of neo-Platonic ideas in Christian theology. Augustine converted to orthodox Christianity late in life. He struggled with the many earthly things he needed to give up for a complete conversion of body, mind, and soul. It is in Confessions that Augustine shows the world this struggle with and eventual conversion to orthodox Christianity. Though the conversion did not come easily, Christianity held a variety of appealing ideas for Augustine that influenced how he viewed the world in which he lived. In turn, the late conversion of Augustine allowed for his non-Christian experiences and study to have a strong effect on how he viewed orthodox Christianity and the number of heresy-sects of Christianity that continued to thrive during his lifetime. His education also created a unique view for Augustine concerning the use of pagan philosophies in Christian doctrine. Finally, all of the experiences and views of Saint Augustine eventually had a profound influence on orthodox Christian doctrine and philosophy. Augustine was actually born a Christian and taught Christian doctrine by his mother Monica while still young. However, born Christian and not interested in pagan religions, Augustine was also not particularly interested in orthodox Christianity either. He ... ...that it is God's mercy that will save him, nothing else will. Because of this belief, God's mercy becomes an important aspect of orthodox Christian belief. Augustine found Christianity appealing on many levels, though the main attraction was the ability to use logic to understand religion. Augustine also understood that God's words came in many forms, and he was not afraid to search out pagan ideas that fit into Christianity. Augustine is often seen as a major contributing force to the doctrine of orthodox Christianity. His learning and life experiences influenced his ideas about God, Christ, and religion. In turn, it is these ideas that have a long and lasting impact on orthodox Christianity. Both Catholics and Protestants believe that Augustine was correct in his views on orthodox Christian doctrine. His ideas are still used today to study Christianity.

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