Thursday, February 27, 2020

Community Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Community Service - Essay Example It depends upon the location and the community as well as its needs. Mostly, service includes assistance towards vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the society in their betterment. Today, community service is undertaken by almost any member of any society and not just by offenders; philanthropists, businessmen as well as students alike have the leverage to give back whatever they can and help society in their own ways. The main objectives in conducting this review was to find out the history of community service and how it helps people to reform and bring about a change in their lives, and also whether or not the same is even possible. It was found through research that many people have found it therapeutic to engage in service towards others and thus have been able to grow and learn a great deal from the entire experience. People engage in community service to introspect within their own selves as well as meet new people and help the vulnerable and weak sections of the society that we live in. This enables them to not only gain a feel good factor but also helps in bringing a smile to someone else’s face. The research conducted was doctrinal in nature. The main process for finding information regarding this review was my dependence on electronic material. ... I have also engaged in talking to people and thus collecting first hand data regarding their experiences of participating in community service. My own experience has also provided for a paragraph of information in the main article. The main guidelines that I abided by were to look over the objectives of an individual engaging in community service and why he would do so. Moreover, I looked into the background as well as looked up information regarding corporate social responsibility as a part of service towards the community by big industries and companies. The parameters and requirements that I had in mind while conducting research was to include only relevant information – especially that which is first hand in nature because experiences account for the best information regarding answers to questions based on whether or not engaging in service actually helps a person, which has been the fundamental question of an individual being a part of the community and giving back to oth ers. I selected the sources that I have because of their credibility of information and eliminated the others because I did not find them relevant enough to discuss or read. Many articles have general information about community service, however my requirements were specific to reform within an individual and how the servitude is not meant for only those that have wronged the law. Interview 1. Why is it important to have a society with community service? Community service enables people to work for society and helps them in contributing and giving back. Since it first originated for the purpose of carrying on social service on part of offenders of the law, it acted as a punitive measure to provide the offender with a chance to give back to society as well as introspect

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